Engaging way to learn to read and write using senses, because Flashcards are Overrated for Kids

Let’s be honest, the WORST thing a kid cannot stand are flashcards. 

Let’s set the stage, you have a child that

  1. Cannot sit still
  2. Cannot retain attention greater than what seems like 20 seconds, or in my case with our son, is really only 20 seconds! (Not kidding).
  3. Then, ask him to read some type of word that he has no idea which causes frustration and more inattention.
  4. Then you get frustrated and think about lighting the flashcards on fire.
  5. Repeat.

This is our life if we do not get creative in any of our activities.  Remember, rule of thumb, the more senses involved, the better!  You can do this activity as a spelling or language arts activity.  Ditch the sitting still part though…. Get rid of it as an expectation.

Creative Learning Without Flash Cards

First, locate some paper and write down some common word blends.  For example, there are a TON of words that have end in -un, -at, -ip, -et, -it, -ot.  Write down that word and then ask, “what words have this word blend in it?”  Give them a marker, I highly recommend the scented markers (remember smell is a sense to help engage).  Put a big post it on the wall and let them write the word you or they come up with! 

Why do this?  They can move.  You are forcing them to balance themselves while writing on an upright surface and stand.  This is great for the core and no leg fidgeting while writing!  They are also getting the chance to smell fun smells!  This stimulates their olfactory sensory system and helps with concentration.  We started with 10 and he kept his attention so long, we are now up to 20!

We have also played this game with smelling the markers and guessing what the scent is.  You can take this a step further by having them spell and write the scent they smell on the Post it on the wall.

Enjoy every minute being a mom and continue to inspire your kids!