How to Build Your Own Robot with Your Kids with a Hassle-Free Critter Bot Robotic Kit – Honest Review

Are you ready to learn how to build your own robot with your kids and have a hassle-free experience? How amazing would it be to watch your kids have fun while learning about robotics and gaining new skills? I found this crazy easy to follow kit off Etsy, Critter Bot Robotic Kit and I want to share my experience with all of you. As a mom you are going to love this kit!

In this post, I’ll share more about putting together the Critter Bot robotic kit and gain a better understanding of the whole process of using kit. You will get an honest review from a mom that is super busy and found this kit super easy to use with my kids.

What Is the Critter Bot Robotic Kit?

The Critter Bot kit is perfect for kids aged 6-10 who want to experience the thrill of creating their first robot. With enough parts for 8 to 12 robots, your child can have a robot party with friends and even make a robot family. Kids will use their problem-solving skills to build unique vibrating robot critters that move of their own accord, all while learning about engineering. Let your child’s imagination run wild with The Critter Bot!

Check out the quick video below shows my kids final product.

Benefits of Learning Robotics with the Critter Bot Kit

Another big reason to try this kit are all the benefits for your kids:

  1. Increased problem-solving skills: Robotics require creative problem-solving to build and design circuits and code to control the robot’s actions. I saw my kids problem solving while trying to figure out how to build the robots.
  2. Enhanced logical thinking: The critical thinking required to plan, build and troubleshoot a robot helps children to develop a process to identify problems, test solutions and come up with a plan. When my daughters robot was not vibrating she had to think long and hard and test different things to figure out how to get the circuits to work correctly.
  3. Boosted creativity: From designing a robot from scratch to figuring out how to control it’s action, the Critter Bot Kit encourages children to use their creativity to come up with unique solutions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling the Robot with Your Kids

My Honest Review

I think I have already said the benefits, you can see how much fun my kids had doing the kit. The Critter Bot robotic kit was a great way for me teach my kids about robotics without them really knowing they were learning. The directions were amazing I was never confused. By following the step-by-step guide and a few troubleshooting tips, you and your children will be able to have hours of fun with the Critter Bot robotic kit.

My Final Thoughts

Building your own robot with the Critter Bot Robotic Kit is an easy and educational experience that any family can enjoy. With its wide variety of features, the Critter Bot Robotic Kit provides a hassle-free way to learn more about robotics and grant your family a fun experience.

Enjoy every minute being a mom and continue to inspire your kids!

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