20 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Your Kids when you have two elves

When I started elf on the shelf with my son a few years ago I never thought I would introduce a second elf into the family. However after my daughter was old enough to enjoy the activities it only felt fitting to bring two elves from the North Pole to watch over the kids during the month of December.

Where to find elves

Here are a few options for getting started with Elf on the Shelf

Children around the world adore the tradition of a Scout Elf who comes to visit and delivers nightly reports to Santa throughout the Christmas season. It’s how Santa crafts his Nice List! Each morning the Scout Elf lands in a new spot in your home, creating a delightful game of Christmas hide-and-seek. Watch your kids light up as they search for your Scout Elf every morning!

Do you need a second elf? Get your second elf here. Pick the color you want.

Here are some ideas you could do with 1 or 2 elves.

  1. Shower Elf: My son often argues taking a shower – this was a great way to get him to shower without complaining. I hooked the purple one in same display in other bathtub for my daughter.

2. Pop It Elf: Set your elf up with a cute little pop it for your kids to play with – small gift from Santa.

3. Hide and Seek Elves: Gather up some building blocks and hide your elves behind them. It is a fun way to play hide and seek with elves.

4. Summer Time Elves: It may be winter but the elves just want to have fun. Fill up your sink get some cute floating tubes and sunglasses and set up your elves for a relaxing day.

5. Walking Puppy Elves: You can use string or pipe cleaners for the dog leash and then some dog figures and set up so puppies are next to elves.

6. Camping Elves: You can create a fake fire using a battery powered tea light and some cut up brown paper. Use a card as tent and put elves in to take a nap.

7. Elves arrival: You can have them delivered in many different ways. This particular experience is arriving in a envelope with letter to kids.

8. Painting with the Elves: Provide a water color image and paintbrush with cup to have some fun while the Elves watch.

9. Upside down Elf: This one I also left a note asking kids to donate one toy they did not want anymore to someone in need.

10. Magic Cookies: Buy tiny cookie and larger cookie and use a ruler. You can make it look like the cookie grew from tiny to big with magic.

11. Slinky Fun with Elves: This one is fun all you have to do is put the elves inside slinky and hang from a curtain rod somewhere in your house.

12. Beach time Elves: Again it may be winter but why can’t a elf just relax and get some sun.

13. Traveling Elves: Since elves cannot be touched or they will lose their magic. Offer one day they can carry them in a box anywhere they go. We did it on a Saturday so they got the most out of experience.

14. Hot Coca for all: This was fun to get to make a hot coca with candy cane stick to stir the chocolate.

15. Hide in Christmas Tree: This one took a lot longer to find them they were hiding in the decorations.

16. Writing to Santa: This is a great way to have the elves help your children get a Christmas list wrote for Santa. I downloaded a template and used it to promote the writing since I have young kids.

17. Time out Elf: This could be a fun one to do if your children were bad the day before or if for some reason you want to make a joke about the elf being bad from day before.

18. Easter Egg Hunt in December: Hide a number of easter eggs around your house full of some type of candy and kids can go on a hunt for eggs that Santa sent for them

19. Elf in the wild: Get some wildlife animals and two small toy cameras and set up a scene where they are taking pictures of wildlife. Kids can then play with animal toys.

20. Build a Snowman: Buy a three of the “Do you want to build a Snowman sets” make one to sit with your elf and leave two for kids to make their very own snowman.

The Adventures To Me

Teach your Kids about integrity and values.  This beautifully illustrated book empowers kids to be nice and kind human beings.  ‘The Adventures To Me ’ is an endearing story of a little elephant on a journey to becoming the best version of “me”.

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Enjoy every minute being a mom and continue to inspire your kids!

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