Work With Us

If you came this far you must be very interested in our website. So if you are a business, blogger or a mom yourself with free ideas, services or products that others mom would love to use with their kid’s to continue to inspire them to do great things, let’s connect!

To businesses and bloggers... if you have ideas to share with our readers that could help inspire moms to be great, to help moms inspire their kids to be good people, to learn new things, and explore the world we would love to speak with you.

We have been featured on a few different blogs and websites for our other blog Leader Connecting Leaders which is where blogging for us started.  

To moms… if you have ideas to share we would love to post on the blog. I know other moms would love to hear what you have done with your kids! If there is something you did, places you have been, products you have used that you want to share send me a email! I love doing mom exchanges, your ideas for the blog and in exchange a free activity booklet to use with your kids at home. 

Please email us at and let’s talk!