Unique Ways To Preserve The Memories Of Departed Family Members

One of the most challenging moments in life is losing a loved one, especially after being their caregiver in their advanced years. It evokes several strong emotions that often leave you feeling mentally drained and physically exhausted. Over the years, however, people have found ways to come to terms with the loss of a family member and move on with life. 1 in 3 Americans admit to documenting conversations before a loved one departs. One way is to preserve the memories of their departed as a way to provide comfort and solace. Here are some practical ways to do so. 

  1. Create a memorial scrapbook

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A memorial scrapbook can be a beautiful tribute to a dearly departed loved one, but the secret is to personalize it to serve the purpose. A memorial scrapbook allows living family members to capture the essence of the departed in a visually appealing document or format. Start by finding old letters, photographs, mementos, and any other small item that reminds everyone of this family member. Remember to choose things that can be easily added to the memorial scrapbook without looking out of place. The scrapbook will look even more appealing and well-organized when the items are chronologically arranged. You can also use a thematic format to make the scrapbook worth the effort it tok to create it. Some families add captions and anecdotes to each entry to make the memorial scrapbook worth reading or glancing through. You can try using decorative paper, stickers, and embellishments that represent the departed one’s interests when they lived. A well-done memorial scrapbook can be shared with future generations.

  1. Make their graves or tombstones unique

Over the years, more people have used bronze grave markers to decorate the final resting place of their departed ones. Traditional gravestones have an incredible history, but the bronze markers have proven to be more durable and resistant to the weather’s vagaries. Future generations are more likely to meet the bronze grave markers on long-gone family members. This helps safeguard the memories of loved ones for generations without the pressure of erecting a new tombstone after a decade or so. Even better, bronze markers are customizable and can be engraved with meaningful quotes and symbols that reflect the departed’s individuality. You can also request intricate designs on the bronze grave markers as another lasting reminder of the impact that departed family member had on you.

  1. Plant a memorial garden

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Celebrities, royalty, and some affluent individuals have had memorial gardens planted in their honor after departing this world. An example is the Princess Diana Memorial Garden, planted in memory of her love for plants, flowers, and nature in general. Having a memorial garden planted in a departed one’s memory has been a long-practiced tradition to represent the various seasons of life, evoking heartfelt emotions. The garden can contain plants or flowers that blossom at specific times of the year to represent their birth month or the period they departed. The decision rests with you and the remaining family to decide what works best and represents the departed one’s memory. 

All these are heartfelt ways to be reminded of the indelible marks departed family members left on your heart.

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