Words of Wisdom From Two Moms

Investing In Your Tooth Care For Optimal Oral Health

Oral health is one of the easiest things to let slip. Although you might stick to your twice-daily brush, you might not do much else.  Maximizing your oral health is...

What Can You Do To Protect The Life You Want In The Future

What can you do to protect the life that you want in the future? This might be a question that you hadn’t thought to ask yourself before, but it’s...

When Motherhood Gets Difficult, Don’t Hide Your Struggles

Many people believe parenthood is a natural process. While it can be frustrating and tiring, it’s widely believed that becoming a parent is something we take to easily. However,...

Caring for an Elderly Relative: Essentials You Need to Know

As our loved ones age, their health often declines, and they may develop a range of issues that affect their day-to-day lives. For many of us, the realization that...

Top Tips For Running A Business As A Mom

There’s nothing more fulfilling than being a parent!  However, you do not have to put your own dreams and aspirations on hold in order to be the best possible parent...

This is Us

Jodi Carlson and Lisa Welsh

We are two sisters Jodi and Lisa that love being moms. We are both mothers of two amazing children. We were both blessed with a boy and a girl and our boys and girls are only a few months apart which has been amazing to watch our children grow up together not just as cousins but as friends. Together we share countless tips and tricks of things we have experienced first hand with our kids as we continue to guide and teach them to become caring, sensible and responsible human beings, all while working a full time jobs, maintaining a home and some how still allowing for some personal time and growth.

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