This is Us

Hi, we are two sisters Jodi and Lisa that love being moms. We are both mothers of two amazing children. We were both blessed with a boy and a girl and our boys and girls are only a few months apart which has been amazing to watch our children grow up together not just as cousins but as friends. 



Jodi is the oldest sister, a wife, web designer and most importantly a mom.  She continues to find the best ways to juggle a full-time job with a family life. 

She shares countless tips and tricks of things she has experienced first hand with her kids as she continues to guide and teach her kids to become caring, sensible and responsible human beings, all while  working a full time job, maintaining a home and some how still allowing for some personal time and growth. 

Before Mom Connecting Moms she started blogging in 2014 on our sister site that is for leaders of organizations such as Girl Scouts, Frontier Girls, or any other organization inspiring girls to be leaders of tomorrow. That site is called Leader connecting leaders.


Lisa is the younger sister, a wife, nurse and a mom of two amazing kids.  With the help of her husband they homeschool their children and are avid jeep, and camping enthusiasts. 

She hopes to inspire mothers to not be afraid to go against the grain and empower others to pave the path best for your family and your life.  You live one life, and it should be how you chose to live it!   She is also a strong believer in the power of prayer, you get what you give mentality, and the quote we all love to hear “everything happens for a reason.” 

Lisa is the author of “Adventures of Me” which teaches your kids about integrity and values.  This beautifully illustrated book empowers kids to be nice and kind human beings.  ‘The Adventures To Me ’ is an endearing story of a little elephant on a journey to becoming the best version of “me”.

Here are some of the resources you’ll find from us:

  • Kids: Tips and tricks to guide and teach kids to become caring, sensible and responsible.. Teach them to be creative, to be a big thinker and dream big.
  • Education: Tips and tricks for every stage of education. Toddlers, home schooling, and every grade level as our kids grow we will share our experiences with you!
  • Mom Life: Tips and tricks to navigate being a mom, working a full time job, maintaining a home and still allowing for some personal time and growth.
  • Holidays: If you are ever looking for new exciting things to do with your kids during the holidays look no further. We share our favorite holiday activities for you to do with your kids as well.
  • You’ll Love: As moms we have tried 100s of products and sometimes we come across great things we believe you will love as well. Read our reviews and decide for yourself.
  • Freebie Printables: If you are a mom thats busy and need some new activities for your kiddos. Check out this page for a number of great freebies you can print and use today.
  • Shop:  Two moms creating content to simplify your life and inspire your kids to be leaders of tomorrow! Check out resources from both Jodi and Lisa’s experience as moms.
  • Do you have a Scout troop? Stop over to my other site Leader Connecting Leaders for ideas geared specifically to scouting troops.

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I hope you enjoy everything we have to offer on this website and share it with other moms.  Whether you’re a brand new mom or you have been a mom for years, I hope you’ll find ideas on this website to inspire your kids to bring a little more kindness to this world. 

The Adventures To Me: Author Lisa Welsh

Teach your Kids about integrity and values.  This beautifully illustrated book empowers kids to be nice and kind human beings.  ‘The Adventures To Me ’ is an endearing story of a little elephant on a journey to becoming the best version of “me”.

Equipped with nothing other than a colorful scooter, a backpack, and a map, the little elephant starts their “Adventures to Me”.  Along the way, meets new friends of all different backgrounds as encounters challenges, has to make choices, and learns lessons along the way.

The road to discovering the best version of “me” is paved with lessons about confidence, truthfulness, resilience and strength, respect, kindness, responsibility, accepting differences, using what you have, dreaming big, setting goals, and looking ahead towards the future with a positive mindset.

For the little elephant, the journey of life is full of a wealth of possibilities –– ready to embark on a beautiful journey alongside our elephant friend?

Learn about the choices we all make to be good people and explore the great “Adventures To Me”!

Enjoy every minute being a mother  and continue to inspire your kids each and every day!