11 Ways to To Teach Your Child Values and Integrity plus a free printable

Being a parent and adult is tough. We are expected to provide for our family, keep up with our home, balance all activities and appointments, and some how find time for ourselves. While this is all occurring, we want to help raise kids that have integrity and values so they can enter this world to be well rounded- contributing citizens. 

Finding intentional opportunities to discuss these values is a great way to help teach your children. ‘The Adventures to Me’ workbook has been created to have engagement with your children while understanding these critical concepts and having fun while learning them. How? in the form of illustrations and examples for discussion, hands on activities, crafts, vision board graphics and much more! The concepts introduced include the following: 

  • Accepting Differences 
  • Becoming the Future Me 
  • Being Proud of Myself 
  • Being Truthful 
  • Building Resilience and Strength 
  • Building Respect 
  • Building Self Confidence 
  • Dreaming and Setting Goals 
  • Kindness Matters 
  • Use What I Have 
  • Responsibility is Key 

This workbook includes the above 11 concepts and 95 pages of fun filled activities, engaging graphics, crafts and much more! 

Another unique part of this workbook is that there are images that can be printed and added to a family or group vision board! Science shows that the more you see and hear something, the more we believe it. So why not have a family or group vision board displayed and add to support one another and be reminded of the concepts introduced in the workbook continuously!

More inspiration…My personal favorite vision boards are the kits. The one I have used is called IN YOUR DREAMS. The creator did a fantastic job with the messages included and is a fun way to engage your family in how we should view one another and that no dream is too big to achieve. 

The Adventures to Me Book

This workbook is based off the children’s book ‘The Adventures to Me.’ Purchase of the book is not necessary but highly encouraged to continue the discussion, have the ability for consistent review of the concepts, and your child can independently review what was learned. And with a goal of helping teach others what they have learned.

The hardcover or paperback book can be found HERE

If you enjoy the hands-on workbook and The Adventures to Me book, additional supplemental learning can be found in the spot book series created by Diane Alber. Not only does she discuss these similar concepts, but she also has a few series on helping process through emotions (face it, it is hard to be a kid and understand emotions, as adults we do too!). 

We hope that you enjoy The Adventures to Me Workbook and Book. The concepts learned and memories made will truly create and adventure in you and your child’s life you will hold on to forever! 

The Adventures to Me is a beautifully illustrated book empowering children to be nice and kind human beings. ‘The Adventures To Me ‘ is an endearing story of a little elephant on his journey to becoming the best version of himself. 

Equipped with nothing other than a colorful scooter, a backpack, and a map, a little elephant starts his “Adventures to Me”. Along the way, he meets new friends of all different backgrounds as he encounters challenges, has to make choices, and learns lessons along the way. 

The road to discovering the best version of himself is paved with lessons about confidence, truthfulness, resilience and strength, respect, kindness, responsibility, accepting differences, using what you have, dreaming big, setting goals, and looking ahead towards the future with a positive mindset. 

This delightful and empowering children’s book is perfect to teach kids about integrity and values. 

For the little elephant, the journey of life is full of a wealth of possibilities — ready to embark on a beautiful journey with them? 

Enjoy every minute being a mom and continue to inspire your kids!