How To Make Time For Hobbies As A Busy Parent

Parenting can be demanding, often leaving little room for personal pursuits. According to a recent survey, 85% of mothers admit to not having enough time for hobbies. However, you still need to find time for leisure activities. Hobbies are not just for fun; they play a critical role in self-care, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, it relieves stress and tension, warding off negative thoughts and keeping parental depression at bay. If you always feel burdened and tied up around the clock, here’s how to make time for hobbies as a busy parent. 

Talk to your partner

Your partner is there to be your source of support. And while you don’t need their permission to take some time out for yourself, it doesn’t hurt to talk to them about how you feel. If the burden is getting too much and you feel like taking a day off or spending time alone, let your partner know. This way, you two can work out a way to help you ease the stress. For example, your partner may agree to take on some extra duties briefly while you do something relaxing. And you can return the favor when your partner also needs it.

Carve out mini-breaks

Most parents deal with so much it’s impossible to find long stretches of free time. If that’s your situation, consider taking mini breaks throughout your day to indulge in hobbies you like. For example, instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media during your lunch break, do other things like knitting, playing an instrument, or journaling. While these may only be brief moments of personal fulfillment, they’re enough to help you recharge without affecting your mental health.

Utilize the right technology

Few things can ease the pressure on busy parents than technology. But tech devices can also be distractive, eating up your time. Therefore, find ways to leverage technology to integrate your hobbies into your daily routine. For example, if you enjoy reading but struggle to find the time, consider listening to audiobooks during your commute or while doing household chores. And if you are passionate about photography, carry a compact camera or use your smartphone to capture moments during family outings. With that said, it’s important to remember the limits and dangers of using technology. For example, you can spend too much time browsing social media platforms instead of resting or spending quality time with your family. And this habit can isolate you from your loved ones. While browsing, be very wary of the people and groups you associate with. If you notice anything dangerous, that may require legal defenses, it’s a wise move to report it to the correct authorities. 

Find a hobby partner

You can indulge in stress-relieving hobbies with your spouse or your child. But if that isn’t an option, find a hobby partner. Whether you love to cook, go golfing, fish, or read your favorite novels, it’s easier to stick to a hobby if you have a hobby partner. You can find ways to fit your hobbies into your busy schedules and encourage others to stick to them. Sometimes not having someone to share your favorite activities with can discourage you from making time for your hobby. 

Find Help and Strike The Right Balance

Whether you are already a parent, are in the process of becoming a mother, or you are just finding answers to questions like “how does surrogacy work?”, finding the right balance between family life and self-care time can be challenging. Be sure to safeguard the time you carve out for yourself, without neglecting others in your family. If you are unsure how to strike the right balance, working with a therapist or building a support network can help you live the experience of becoming a parent with more ease. 

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