About the Mom Connecting Moms

Hi, my name is Jodi, and I’m so glad you’re here I look forward to connecting with you. 

A little about me, I am a mother of 2 beautiful children a boy and a girl, I am a wife, & work full time as web designer.  Before starting this website I started blogging in 2014 with a website that is for leaders of organizations such as Girl Scouts, Frontier Girls, or any other organization inspiring girls to be leaders of tomorrow. That site is called Leader connecting leaders.

Since 2014 a lot has changed, I have had 5 years to grow a community of amazing moms who have girls in scouts, and through those years I have done so much more than inspire girls, with a boy of my own many of the programs and activities used on Leader Connecting Leaders have been done with my son. That is where the ideas of Mom Connecting Moms came to life.  I am a mom, you are a mom reading this why am I not helping more moms inspire kids to be leaders of tomorrow.  Whether you’re a brand new mom or you have been a mom for years, I hope you’ll find ideas on this website to inspire your kids to bring a little more kindness to this world.   

At the end of the day, true happiness is when you realize that your child is growing up to be a good person. 

I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer on this website and share it with other moms.  You may want to follow along on Facebook too! On a more personal note, keep up with me on Instagram I like to share my family adventures, crafts, and activity booklets I have created as well.

Here are some of the resources you’ll find from me:

  • Inspiring Kids: Tips and tricks to guide and teach kids to become caring, sensible and responsible.. Teach them to be creative, to be a big thinker and dream big.
  • Inspiring Moms: Tips and tricks to navigate being a mom, working a full time job, maintaining a home and still allowing for some personal time and growth.
  • Shop: Guide and teach your kids with easy to use printable booklets about a variety of topics. Share the values learned on wearable products and accessories.
  • Do you have a Scout troop? Stop over to my other site Leader Connecting Leaders for ideas geared specifically to scouting troops.

Enjoy every minute being a mother  and continue to inspire your kids each and every day!


Work With Me

If you came this far you must be very interested in my website. So if you are a business, blogger or a mom yourself with free ideas, services or products that others mom would love to use with their kid's to continue to inspire them to do great things, let's connect!

To businesses and bloggers... if you have ideas to share with my readers that could help inspire moms to be great, to help moms inspire their kids to be good people, to learn new things, and explore the world I would love to speak with you.

I have been featured on a few different blogs and websites for my other blog Leader Connecting Leaders which is where blogging for me started.  

To moms… if you have ideas to share I would love to post on the blog. I know other moms would love to hear what you have done with your kids! If there is something you did, places you have been, products you have used that you want to share send me a email! I love doing mom exchanges, your ideas for the blog and in exchange a free activity booklet to use with your kids at home. 

Please email me at  jodicarlson@momconnectingmoms.com and let's talk!