How to Remove Dental Anxiety from Your Kids

Dental anxiety is common for adults, affecting around 20% of people. And it’s even more common with children. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce this.

Get them Used to Seeing A Dentist

One of the biggest reasons your kids might be afraid of the dentist is that they aren’t used to it. This usually happens if you neglect to take them to your local dentist office. The bottom line is you must normalize dental visits by going for checkups as soon as your child has a tooth. Starting at such an early age means seeing the dentist, sitting in the chair, and hearing the sounds of dental tools becomes a standard part of life for your kids. And then they won’t fear it.

Encourage Good Oral Hygiene

If your kids have a bad experience at the dentist, they might think that it is a distressing place. You can, however, reduce the likelihood that your youngster might need dental treatment at an early age if you help educate them on ways to keep their gums and teeth healthy. For example, if they clean their teeth at least twice a day, you won’t have to take them as often. Also, by flossing and eating a diet with little sugar, they will likely keep these good habits as adults.

Remove Dental Anxiety by Explaining Everything

Tell your child ahead of time that they will be going to the dentist. If you wait until the last minute to inform your children about their dentist appointment, it can make them even more nervous. One popular method is to have the toy your child likes best at the ready. A toy can help your child feel better and keep them busy during the visit. Some waiting rooms also have play areas. So, in the waiting room, you can just let them play so they can adjust to the unfamiliar setting.

Find a Reputable Dentist

Finding a good medical professional can be hard. And not all dentists are good with kids. Reviews can be very helpful, though. You can use Google, Yelp, or even Facebook to find a full review instead of glossing over the ratings. Read as much as you can about what other people have said about that dentist, especially if they have kids. You can also glance for reviews on the official website, but be aware that some testimonials are often made up or paid for.

Role-Play Dental Visits at Home

Children naturally learn new life habits when they play make-believe, which is why they do it all the time. So you can walk your child through each of the basic steps of a dentist visit by beginning in a familiar place, like your home. This could be the cleaning process, X-rays, or an exam. Starting at home will enable them to feel comfortable and at ease. This takes away their fear of the unknown and gives them more trust at their next appointment with a real dentist.


You can try a few things to remove dental anxiety from your kids. These involve making dental trips normal, finding a good dentist, and role-playing dentist trips at home.

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