How to Make Math Fun with Just a Roll of the Dice

Math facts… Physically. Hurt. Me.  There are so many different ways to teach math facts and finding the right fit for your child, is painful. A number line, count on your fingers, flashcards (oh, those dreaded flash cards), an abacus, visuals, which one do I use? 

Let me start by saying, everyone learns differently.  How I end up teaching my daughter may be completely different.  But I will tell you… this way, is fun for all parties involved.

Math Dice

What you need:

  • Dice.  We chose big, light dice that could easily be thrown with no casualties involved.  You could easily take a pair of dice out of a board game laying around as well.  Just know, that would involve sitting at a table or wearing a helmet to avoid harm if they are thrown.
  • Scented markers(the fine tip ones are our favorite)
  • Paper or large post its, you know we love our big post its
  • Abacus – We use this for addition and subtraction and you can make this as novice to advanced in your math teaching journey. 

How to do activities

Start with 2 dice for 1 digit addition and subtraction.  Once each dice is thrown, you write down each number that is rolled.  Then you add or subtract each number to get your SUM or DIFFERENCE. 

This is a great way to engage different age learners as well.  I have my 3 year old throw a dice and identify the color of the dice and count the number of dots, then my 6 year old will take his scented marker and paper and write the math problem out.  

Early on, we used his abacus to help with addition and subtraction.  Yes, he loves the abacus.  WHY?  Because he gets to move this pieces himself (sensory: tactile).  Add more dice as the child becomes more advanced with 2 digit addition, subtraction, or even try out multiplication!

Senses Involved in this activity:

  • Olfactory: scented markers
  • Vestibular: running after dice and standing while writing on the post it
  • Tactile: moving the pieces on the abacus and squeezing and throwing the dice

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