How to Include Your Kids in Your Workout Time Instead of Using Them as a Excuse Not to Exercise

As a mom of two kids under the age of 5 I have found myself using that as an excuse to not exercise. It is much easier to just say sorry to busy with a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 year old to workout. Let me tell you I have used that excuse a lot over the last few years.   

However recently it came to my attention instead of pushing my kids away when trying to get a 20 to 30 minute workout in, including them was better for everyone. I didn’t have to try to sneak away to fit it in.  Additionally working out for me is not “FUN” but for the kids it is which means I have myself 2 tiny little accountability partners who ask to workout every day.

What type of workouts can you do with 2 small children?

I have done a number of things let me share a few ideas to get you started.  The best thing to do is plan your week in advance so you are not trying to figure out what to do on the spot.

Here is an idea for a 7 day workout plan with 2 small children.

Day 1
Weight Exercises

Since my two year old is way too young to have weights she wanted to do what her big brother and I was doing so using play dough rollers work great for weights for kids this age. For my son I got 1 pound weights so he could start exercising like I do. The best workouts are 15 to 20 minutes and can get some great ones online on Youtube. My kids like the arm dumbbell workouts as you can see. 

Day 2
Cardio Dance

Of course this could just be a free for all fun time dancing around the room. Which we do a lot. Just turn on some fun dancing music on Alexa or on your phone and dance around.  One of my favorite things to do with my kids is to play Just Dance on the Nintendo. My youngest doesn’t get a controller but she dances right along with us. My son and I challenge each other and take turns picking the songs. This is a great cardio workout for sure.

Day 3
Swim with Kids

Teaching your kids to swim can become a workout.  In shallow water everyone runs in place. On side of pool we all kick our legs. Show your kids how to swim from one side of pool to other. If you have a hot tub you can exercise your legs as well. kicking up and down, do shoulder rolls, raise your heels, bend your knees, stretch your legs. 

Day 4
You can do anything for 30 seconds

This is a way for you to get an exercise in while playing a game with kids. Take turns with your children if they are old enough to pick exercises.  Choose an exercise, set a timer and do for 30 seconds. Then have child show you an exercise and you do that for 30 seconds. It could get very interesting depending how creative your child gets with exercises. 

Day 5
Climb Stairs

If you have stairs in house you can go up and down the stairs. One thing that is near my house is a cool tower you can climb and then see above the tree line. It has 206 stairs to get to top. So you can imagine that is quite a workout.  The kids however think it’s a fun game. 

Day 6
Take a Walk

When the weather is nice you can get exercise while going out and enjoying nature. I take the kids to the park at least once a week and get about a mile walk in even with these two little ones. 

Day 7
Exercise with Kids

My son is in karate and we have been doing it virtual for some time now. So I just jump in and do the exercises too not on camera of course. But it allows me to get the same workout he is getting. Since he needs me there anyway sometimes to be partners with him I am also getting a workout which is great. 

So you can see you can easily exercise every day and have your kids involved in your workout. While also inspiring your children at a young age the importance of exercising.

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