How to Find Self Care as Parents when the World Keeps Spinning

Okay parents, this one is for you.

We have A LOT to worry about as parents, providing for our family, paying bills, grocery shopping, kids extra curricular, parent involvement at all the things, work responsibilities, doctor appointments, feeding everyone, and oh yeah, don’t forget, find some time to take care of yourself. This is just overwhelming to think about and type. Let’s face it… TIME is something that is not easy to find! I honestly started writing this blog post 2 weeks ago, and it has took
what seems like forever to find the TIME to finish it!

I am going to share some a five parenting hacks to find that “me time” to help with self-care when it feels like your have a hard time balancing everything.

  1. Read a book – Before I had these responsibilities and more time, my ‘me time’ was that I loved to read. I would get lost in books and I loved every second of it. Now, I have ZERO time to do this and I felt a void in not being able to enjoy this time. I have found a middle ground. I decided to try out Audible. Seriously, try it out! I have a 35-minute drive to work every day and rather than listening to the same radio station, Spotify playlist, or morning show, I decided to try audio books. I haven’t looked back since
    doing it! I have “read” or listened to over 20 books this year in my car. From self help, novels, and everything in between. That void is no longer felt and you get to hear the books you would normally read being read by, sometimes the authors, which is pretty cool. I will do another blog post on must read books as well, that I have found beneficial of my time spent. There are some books you shouldn’t waste your money on, while
    others, I feel like I ended up stealing from these authors with how much information I have been able to get from them and retain.
  2. Prepare the Day/Week – When there are a million and one different things that need to be completed, it is so vitally important to know and prioritize the ‘bite sized’ amount of tasks to accomplish them. Pick one day a week (I usually pick Sundays, but it can be any day that makes sense to you) and review what is coming up and what needs to be completed. Use a planner, I really like this one. Another trick is to write out the next
    days priorities before you end your day. Our to do list is a mile long, but tomorrows to do list should only be 10 steps in your mile. What’s the saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?
  3. Meditation—There are times when I must find my ‘zen’. You know, when the kids have pushed you to your limits, the last nerve is there and their tiny, but oh so adorable, little fingers are pressing it just enough to push you to that breaking point. You must dig down DEEP to keep your head from spontaneously combusting. You know that feeling… we have all been there, don’t be too prideful to say you haven’t. I decided to find my
    zen in these moments, there are a few tools I have used apps like, Calm, Headspace, or for a larger investment, the peloton app/program. Try this 60 day GUEST PASS to Peloton, you will not be disappointed. I have used all of them and all have been amazing. I use the peloton app/program exclusively now because it tracks my exercises as well as meditations (body and mind) on one place. Just user preference. If you haven’t took the time to look into meditation, it is totally worth the 5-15 minutes you are investing in yourself to find your ‘center’ when everything around you seems to be in chaos.
  4. Essential Oils—This one is a crucial part of my daily routine. Scents can impact your brain function. Don’t believe me? If I ask someone, name a smell that brings you joy or happiness, more than likely they will bring up something from their childhood or a smell from a memory they cherish. I use a few scents during my work day along with meditation. I have used Young Living products for the past 3 years and it started with a roller and now I have integrated diffusers, makeup toners/serums, and cleaning
    products into our life. They have a calm roller that is LIFE and I use multiple times a day when I am having an exceptionally difficult day. Or there is a scent called Christmas Spirit for like $12. If I want it to spell like Christmas in sad, cold, February, I pop that scent into the diffuser and blast some music to get me out of my funk. Did I mention, the calm roller, is LIFE! Just check it out, you will not be disappointed. CLICK HERE FOR

  5. Me Day—Once a year, for me it is on my birthday, I sit down with an open mind and do an assessment of what I really want in my life. Sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the daily grind and making sure everyone around me has everything they need and my goals and dreams seem to get lost. There are days I feel like I am losing who I am. When I take this day for ME, I am prioritizing what this next years goals will be and what steps I
    will do to get there. It is incredibly empowering and energizing to do this exercise. Using a goal setting template is helpful. This is a nice one I have used in the past. GOAL SETTING FOR YOU!

    Listen parents, it took me some time to get to the realization that if you do not take care of yourself, you are not your best self for your family. Also, remember perfection is not reality. Do not try to achieve perfection because it does not exist. Give yourself grace, schedule time for YOU, and enjoy this life you are living