Fun Ways to Get Active with Kids Using a Body Bumper Ball

Time to be Creative…

Okay.  Let’s be honest.  The pandemic has been the WORST for us parents not being able to immerse our kids into different activities to keep us all busy and engaged.  We can’t just load up and go to the playground with what seems to be another 150 kids running around so they can all get their energy out.  Those places are now big no-nos for us and those coronavirus germs, as we call them, live there in excess.  

As I am sure everyone else can relate to, we have had to be extra creative.  With our son’s sensory seeking input needs, the body bubble ball was the PERFECT choice for some family friendly fun!  We have spent hours of fun with these.  We started with a small one, which myself and my husband have managed to squeeze our body’s into (which I do not recommend).  We are going to purchase the adult ones for us all to run into each other with to make it more of a family duel.  

The adult body bubble balls could be fun for cook outs with friends too.  We have some plans for next summer once we can have family/friends parties.  We started with bouncing, then we got bold… and started flipping (my son and daughter that is, we were not interested in a hospital visit for us).  They had a great time and it has been used multiple times, a quick reinflation prior to each use!

Bubble Ball Soccer

One fun idea if you have enough people to play is bubble ball soccer it is a fun way to see a bunch of people running around trying to kick a ball while encased in a big round ball tube. The video below shows you it in action.

Games to Play with Body Bumper Ball

Team Work Makes the Dream work

This is easy – set up teams and then work as team to knock all the other team down on the ground.

Sumo Bubble Wrestling

This would be like the regular game of sumo wrestling but this time you are in balls. Set a boundary and then try to knock the other person out of ring. One still in ring wins.

Bubble Ball First

Stand across yard from partner. On go run at each other as fast as possible. When you collide try not to fall over. Person that stays standing wins. Or stand first after fall.

Enjoy every minute being a mom and continue to inspire your kids!