How to Keep Your Kids Learning With Online Classes and Mom Sane While Everyone is at Home

Sep 29 , 2020

How to Keep Your Kids Learning With Online Classes and Mom Sane While Everyone is at Home

I am a full time working mom, with 2 small kids, my son was pulled out of pre-school in March when all the schools shut down because of COVID-19.  I was then at home with a 2 and 5 year old, while working from home.  Figuring out how do my job and keeping my kids entertained at the same time was challenging to say the least so education wasn't the top priority at the time. 

After a few months I quickly realized things were not going to change for quite some time, and I have a 5 year old that has missed out on a good portion of his education in preschool. The stress just started building up trying to balance teaching my son and doing my job.

Trying to teach my son to read, write, or do math was a battle every day. Until I discovered a website called Outschool.  With the help of a number of different teachers, I have watched my son grow and learn. He also gets a lot of opportunities to mingle and have social interactions with other kids his own age in zoom classes every day.   

Why OutSchool is Great For All Kids K - 12th

So first you are probably like what the heck is Outschool? Well at first I wasn't sure about a site where you pay a teacher to run a 30 to 1 hour zoom session about a topic, will my child even get anything out of it?  Well let me tell you first hand, I have now done over 20 different classes with my son, we have done one time classes, and even a week long camp style class set up and it has been amazing. Every teacher he has had has been such an inspiration to my son and it really has helped with the stress of trying to be his educator and his parent. 

How does it work?

After you sign up for a free account here Then all you have to do is search for class type you want and register your children into classes that will interest them. You can check out the teacher's profile page, read reviews, look at what the class will teach, what supplies are needed and then just make sure you have zoom downloaded on your device and you are good to go. 

What subject do you want your child to learn about? 

The best part about this site in my opinion is how easy it is to search and find the class that you want your child to go into. There are classes on every topic:  Art, Coding, english, health, life skills, math, music, science, social studies and world language. 


It isn't all Lecture

Another great part about this site is if your child is like mine, he can't sit still and just listen to someone talking. One of his favorite classes so far has been learning about bones, while using play dough.  After the class my son was very interested in learning more about all the bones of the body and pointed out a few bone names I didn't even know off the top of my head.  For me having my child know more than me really made me happy. 

My recommendation to all the moms out there stressing like me
I know I am not alone in the feelings of not knowing what to do to make sure my kids are learning, growing, getting the social interaction kids need, and well just getting to be a kid.  We all worried about that before 2020, and we will continue to worry long after this year. But I will say if you want to put a dent in the stress bubble, try Outschool, just one class at a time. I have not been disappointed yet.  

Mom in Need of a Side Hustle?

Is there even more stress on your mind, are you needing another source of income? if your a mom with a educational background or just a knack for teaching, you can be one of these amazing teachers my son learns from.  It is a great platform to inspire other kids beyond your own.  Check it out and sign up for a Teacher account and start inspiring kids, while helping your family with a at home side hustle. 
As always keep being an amazing mom, inspire your kids to be the leaders of tomorrow!

Jodi Carlson

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, wife, and a full time web designer.  I am a mom just trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life.  I share countless tips and tricks of things I have experienced first hand with my kids as I continue to  guide and teach them to become caring, sensible and responsible human beings, all while  working a full time job, maintaining a home and some how still allowing for some personal time and growth.  

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